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The scenic quality of the Motu River has been described as “unsurpassed”, it travels through the last significant area of untracked native bush in the North Island. The Motu’s banks are covered with unique & rare flora in a setting of awesome splendour. Ancient Maori history abounds and the river was the first in New Zealand to be totally protected by a conservation order.
The MOTU RIVER JET BOAT TOUR differs from the vast number of jet boat joyrides available throughout New Zealand.
This trip also gives people of ALL AGES, access into some country which is totally remote, unaltered by man and is rarely viewed. The commentary concentrates on the ECOLOGICAL and HISTORICAL values of the river, with the added values of the ADVENTURE, & EXCITEMENT of WILDERNESS JETBOATING.

(by booking only)
Summer: 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm
On demand rest of year.